Moment of Clarity With Rev. Lorrie Daly-Price
Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

February 18, 2020

Feb 16, 2020 | Our reading this week from Matthew’s gospel is one we might approach with a sense of trepidation and with deep certainty that we have a whole lot of questions.

For on the one hand, we know that our choices do matter. They shape our every day. On the other hand? Well, we know that so much has already been chosen for us. For by virtue of our birth place and opportunity, some choices have never been ours to make in the first place. And yet every moment of every day we have choices to make. Will we disregard the alarm clock and snuggle down under the blankets and enjoy more sleep? Will we continue to mindlessly eat the box of chocolates we got the other day for Valentine’s Day or set it aside for another day…or better yet share it with others? And these are the easy choices of course.

Indeed, most of the choices we are called to make in the day-to-day really do not seem like they are much about ‘choosing life,’ do they? Or do they? Perhaps they prepared us for the day when the choice we are offered will be monumental and life altering. This was the case for the disciples that Jesus spoke with that day. Our choices do matter. Sometimes we’ll get it right. Often we won’t. Either way, every day the gift and privilege and yes, the challenge, is to sort out what life looks right and to try to choose it.

Living With a Purpose

Living With a Purpose

February 12, 2020

Feb 9, 2020 | In our reading this week from Matthew’s gospel Jesus is addressing a group of listeners about two basic things we all use which are salt and light. Two things that are both essential for life and growth and are reinforced by many different references in scripture.

I remember hearing the words that a person was the “salt of the earth” in Sunday School, which meant that they were trustworthy, brave, just good solid individuals. Just the way that it was expressed you knew it was nothing exotic, this was not frankincense or myrrh, this was plain old table salt. Salt was regular, not fancy; salt for every day, not just for company. So if we were to be like salt, it meant we were to be useful.

But salt doesn’t work alone. It preserves, it adds flavour, and it zests things up. It changes the way water tastes and the very function of the human body. For salt to work it must be used with something. To be a disciple, Jesus was saying, is to be like salt, mixed right into the middle of life, adding passion and making a difference.

And then Jesus talks about light. Light is like salt, it too is essential for life and growth. It has the power to illuminate things and brings that which is hidden into view. It is measured by what it does, and how it is able to change the environment.

Are You Up For the Challenge?

Are You Up For the Challenge?

February 4, 2020

February 2, 2020 | This week we hear a reading from Matthew’s gospel. It begins with Jesus receiving the news that John the Baptist has been arrested, so he leaves the district and goes to Galilee where he continues his ministry. 

In Capernaum we find Jesus ‘by the sea’. Some of us have lived ‘by the sea’: known of community’s influenced by the sea and what is in it, or under it. Some of us like to holiday ‘by the sea’: we take a break from our usual surroundings and responsibilities. The setting and pace of these verses from Matthew’s gospel create one of the most picturesque scenes in scripture. It reads or sounds like the travelogue of someone who describes a beautiful coastal holiday village and then highly recommends it for a visit. ‘Living by the lake…’, ‘walking by the sea...’, ‘men fishing in their boats…’, ‘men mending their nets…’

The setting is tranquil and interesting with plenty to see. Who would not want to holiday there, or even better live there for a while?

Yet, contrast this peaceful, steady setting with the strongly significant events that take place this week. Are they up for the challenge? Are we? 

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