Moment of Clarity With Rev. Lorrie Daly-Price
True Riches

True Riches

September 24, 2019

September 22, 2019 | In this weeks reading from Luke’s gospel, we hear the story of a rich man who hears rumours that his manager is squandering his resources. This news alarms him so he calls him in to address this issue, threatening to fire him. The manager is desperate. He has no other options. Losing a job would be tantamount to losing any hope of income. And so, he decides to quickly craft a plan. He calls in all of those who are indebted to his master and lowers the amount each one owes. They are amazed and begin praising the master’s generosity. When the master hears about this, he doesn’t fire the dishonest manager, in spite of all the money he lost. Rather, he commends him because he had acted shrewdly.

What in the world is Jesus trying to teach, for the purpose of a parable is to teach something? Surely he wasn’t commending dishonesty? Could it be that the master now enjoys his reputation for being generous, more than he enjoys his money?

Getting in Shape

Getting in Shape

September 12, 2019

September 8, 2019 | 

Our world is filled with warnings and caution flags. This can be experienced with heavy equipment safety signs or road construction signs. We experience this every day with much more insignificant things compared to those even. There are, of course, the user agreements that we have to go through before downloading the latest update for our smartphones or computers. We glance through it quickly…click “I Agree,” let’s get on with it, download already.


I think in Jesus’ time people weren’t much different. They could become numb from all of the warnings. They lived in a rough-and-tumble world filled with precarious situations: dangerous wildlife, high infant mortality, Roman soldiers who could “go-off” any minute and abuse you, not to mention the possibility of contracting any one of a variety of debilitating illnesses. There were warnings, rules, practices and superstitions to follow to keep people safe from harm. It might have been hard to see red flags when so many people were so enthusiastic about Jesus’ teachings. After all, Jesus has been warning them all along, but the people were over his precautions. No, Jesus says, we’re not headed to Jerusalem for a Tough Mudder run over the weekend. There is a cross to bear once we arrive! With that cross comes death—for some of us physically, but for all of us, a death to what was before. So, think about this - Heed the warning.

Caution. Warning. Danger.

Could they measure up to what was demanded of them? Were they willing to be shaped into the had to measure their options. So do we.

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